Feb. 11th, 2010


Feb. 11th, 2010 10:21 pm
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[Obviously, if you don't watch the show, disregard this post, which will be meaningless to you.]

I was skeptical about how good this edition would be, but I am now psyched. The people I most want to see hang around are Cirie, Coach, Rob, Russell, and Tyson, because they're the most fun to watch (as you can see, I'm kind of siding with the so-called "villains"). I'm surprised I'm including Rob in that list, because I used to hate his guts. Maybe he's matured some?

Jerri, JT, Rupert, Sandra, and Tom are ok too. The rest you can flush down the toilet.

Colby is boring. Based on their past appearances, James, Parvati, Randy, and Stephenie have the potential to become interesting, but they have yet to show it.

And I don't even know who Candice, Courtney, and Danielle are!

I liked Sugar the last time she was on, because she proved to be smarter than everyone else thought, and she was sweet. But she was annoying this time, pushing herself on Colby.

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